Benchmarking Netpbm, ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick and GD (libgd)

Last updated on 14-Sep-2004

I wanted to know which toolkit to use to generate the thumbnails and resizes in my Gallery.

The choices

The tests

I tried to find the most "optimized" commands to run to generate thumbnails (150px and 250px large) and resizes (640px and 800px large). The difference between a thumbnail and resize at the moment is purely whether it is good to keep EXIF/ICC/other-data from the source image (resize) or if those could be thrown away (thumbnails). Not all toolkits are able to retain the profile in resizes, or I haven't yet included code to do that explicitly.

As input I took two random images taken with two different digital cameras. Other different input image types to improve quality of the tests are welcome.

The results

A summary with just the numbers. Or if you want to see the resulting images, check out the following pages: